Tested and available immediately: The REVO®-E HP R744 from Valeo.

The new Valeo REVO®-E HP R744 is an all-electric emission-free rooftop a/c unit with heat pump function for buses with alternative drives. The product was presented to customers at this year’s busworld in Brussels in October.

 Valeo REVO®-E HP R744: Heating and air conditioning with zero emissions

The environmentally neutral HVAC system operates with the natural coolant R744 (CO2) and guarantees efficient air conditioning and a high heat pump capacity (27 kW at 0°C / 20kW at -10°C) at ambient temperatures of -20°C to +44°C with low energy consumption. The system features a fully automatic mechanism that always selects the correct operating mode and switches from air conditioning to the heat pump or de-icing function. The external heat exchanger ices up in heat pump mode at outside temperatures below 5°C. The fully automatic defrosting function integrated into the system reduces this negative effect and enables the bus to be heated by means of a heat pump even at extremely low outside temperatures.

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