Thermo E+ for Mini-, Midibuses and as an auxiliary heater for electrobuses

Based on the previous model Thermo E, the new Thermo E+ heater, alongside the 20 and 32 kW models, is the first 12 kW version. Whereas the first two were developed primarily for the Chinese, Russian and North American markets, the 12 kW version is suitable for use in mini- and midibuses worldwide.

As an auxiliary heating to supplement the heat pump, the Thermo E+/ 12 kW heater is also ideal for use in electrobuses, which are today reliant on an additional fuel-powered
heater due to their limited energy resources at low outside temperatures. With a length of 435 mm and a weight of 13.6 kg, the 12 kW version is one of the shortest and most
lightweight heaters in its class. This is in turn reflected in reduced fuel consumption. Available in 12 or 24 Volt as a single or dual fuel feed system, the Thermo E+ can be deployed at outside temperatures of up to -40 °C and is thus extremely powerful and robust. Highly efficient heat transfer coupled with clean combustion help to achieve
the highest-possible efficacy. The device produces emission values that are significantly below the legal limits.

For the highest degree of service and maintenance friendliness, it offers the option of fast data retrieval via Valeo’s Diagnosis Thermo Test (DTT). In addition, the circulation
pump can be externally controlled without additional electronics and independently of the heater, further reducing fuel consumption. The Thermo E+ is also designed for use with alternative fuels such as HVO (hydrogenated vegetable oils) and GtL (gas-to-liquids) in accordance with DIN EN 15940. The temperature sensors with a selfprotection function furthermore guarantee a high quality and safety standard.

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