The new SPump with additional PWM and CAN versions

Valeo is expanding its SPump product range with three new versions: The electric circulation pump with ON/OFF regulators is now available with PWM and CAN control and communication interfaces. Greater flexibility is provided by a more powerful 500W version. Thanks to new features, such as variable speed control and an intelligent diagnostics function, the pump is very energy-efficient and is therefore the ideal solution for all types of hybrid, plug-in or electric commercial vehicles.

The pumps are at the heart of water circulation and are responsible for coolant circulation during warm-up and cooling, as well as ensuring coolant flow during vehicle operations. The SPump circulation pump with the new PWM and CAN (interface) versions also provides additional decisive benefits for the customer: Both versions are equipped with variable speed control which enables the pumps to work in harmony with the overall vehicle system and increases both energy efficiency and range. An intelligent diagnostics function integrated in the pump uses automatic early-warning fault detection to report errors and determine important operating data. This makes the pump particularly viable for hybrid, plug-in or electric commercial vehicles which rely on efficient energy management. The SPump PWM/CAN can be used in the agricultural and construction machinery sectors, to cool electrical components (e.g. the battery) and other special applications.

SPump CAN for even greater flexibility and performance

The customer-specific parameter configurations for the CAN versions enable the flexible integration in different vehicle systems. A modular concept means up to nine pumps can be installed in a single system using just one part number. Reduced wiring effort means installation is both quick and easy. E-bus applications require greater performance from the pump and this performance is guaranteed by the 500W CAN version, with a volume flow of over 10,000 l/h (at 0.5 bar back pressure).

The SPump range at a glance

The shorter dimensions of 205 mm, lower weight of 2.3 kg and the waterproof, magnetically-coupled EC motor (IP 68 rated) with integrated control unit open up a wide range of installation options. Additional functions, such as anti-jam, expanded dry-running protection, optional speed regulation (PWM or CAN signal) and self-protection at overheat situations mean the SPump can be used in extreme traffic and climate conditions. The pump is also suitable for use across a wide temperature range (from – 40°C up to 95°C). The flow rate values and the flow behavior in back pressure have a life-span of over 30,000 hours, meaning the life of the pump has been increased by up to 50 percent compared to the previous equivalent model range from Valeo.

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