Alternative fuels for the benefit of the environment

Valeo is now offering its fuel-burning Thermo heaters for use with alternative fuels such as HVO (hydrogenated vegetable oils) and GtL (gas-to-liquids). With up to 50% lower soot particle and CO emissions, the heaters are even more climate-friendly.

By virtue of their composition, alternative fuels (HVO consists of vegetable oil / GtL is a synthetic diesel fuel obtained, amongst others, from biogas) lead to a reduction in greenhouse emissions, are easy to use, odourless and guarantee clean and efficient fuel combustion. A particular advantage is the CO2 avoidance potential of HVO and GtL, in contrast to conventional fossil fuels. Besides this, alternative fuels are 100% renewable and sustainable.


Clean combustion in the heater

The use of alternative fuels in bus heaters results in a brighter flame in the burner, which is more difficult for the flame detector to detect and may compromise combustion behaviour. With the use of an additional component and optimised software, Valeo can guarantee that both flame detection and combustion stability are unimpaired. Given the required retrofitting of fuel hoses and filters, the Thermo, Thermo E, Thermo S and Thermo plus heaters are now designed for use with alternative fuels such as HVO and GtL according to DIN EN 15940. Already installed heaters can be retrofitted at any time, thus reducing emissions.

The inclusion of alternative fuels makes Valeo Thermo heaters attractive for use not only in diesel buses, but also in electrobuses. Due to their limited energy resources, at lower outside temperatures the latter are still reliant on an additional fuel-burning heater.

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