Approval for the use of R513A & R450A in Valeo air conditioning systems

The introduction of a phase-down in the F Gases Regulation (EU) 517/2014, i.e. reduction in the so-called CO2 equivalent of all manufactured refrigerants, has strongly affected the availability of refrigerants. The scarcity of the refrigerant involved has been accompanied by drastic price increases. In the medium term, Valeo therefore suggests the use of refrigerant R513A or R450A as an alternative to refrigerant R134a.

Valeo bus air conditioning systems are all tested and approved for the use of R513A and R450A! Refrigerant R513A is a blend of 44% R134a and 56% R1234yf, which is classified as an azeotropic mixture. In contrast, R450A contains 42% R134a and 58% R1234ze. This falls under the category of zeotropic refrigerant mixtures. While servicing, the refrigerant must be handled accordingly, i.e. when filling the system, the refrigerant must be removed in a liquid state, and in the event of leakage the system must be completely drained and refilled.

Mixing the two refrigerants results in an approx. 43% reduction in the GWP of 1430 (pure R134a) to 631 (R513A) and 601 (R450A). With the alternative refrigerant the system delivers a virtually identical performance. Furthermore, the two refrigerants are non-flammable and classified in the same safety category Class A1 as R134a. From today’s perspective, the availability of the two refrigerants is ensured in the medium-term.

Attention must be paid to the following when using R513A and R450A:

  • An oil change and dryer replacement should be performed prior to using an alternative refrigerant.
  • Reniso Triton SE55 POE (polyolester) oil is recommended as a refrigeration oil.
  • Servicing procedures on the a/c system remains unchanged.
  • When R513A and R450A are used, the air conditioning system can be operated with more or less the original filling quantity.
  • An a/c system with the new refrigerants must be labelled accordingly. Labels can be obtained from Valeo.
  • The same refrigerant service stations as hitherto may be used (ensure grade purity!).
  • The current service connections (R134a) remain the same
  • The Eaton GA494 refrigerant hose for nominal diameters over 16 must be replaced by Eaton FC800. The Eaton GH134 refrigerant hose and its successor GH001 have been approved for nominal diameters up to 16.

Not all system components have received final approval, e.g. compressor.

The statutory requirements concerning type approval are currently being reviewed by Valeo.

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